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Oak Hill preparing for PGA Championship

With just ten weeks until the PGA Championship returns to Rochester, construction has resumed after a break during the winter months. The PGA of America is preparing Oak Hill Country Club for the golf world to descend upon it, with the focus currently on floor installation and building tent structures that will make up the small city of viewing, support, concession, and hospitality areas.

This is the first championship that began construction in the fall and required a winter break. However, a warmer-than-usual winter in Rochester has put the project slightly ahead of schedule, and the growing number of vendors and supplies arriving at Oak Hill is building excitement for the event.

The PGA of America has felt comfortable sticking to its construction schedule despite some mild weeks in February.

With temperatures remaining near freezing in March, there are unique challenges to the build-out plan, particularly ensuring worker safety.

The PGA Championship week begins on May 15th, with Round One on May 18th. The championship is expected to draw a large crowd and bring significant revenue to the Rochester area.