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Newark will resume penalties, shut-offs for unpaid water bills

The Village of Newark has announced that it will once again start applying penalties and shut-off measures for customers with unpaid water and sewer bills. The decision was made effective immediately after the COVID-19 moratorium on utility shut-offs and penalties for non-payment ended on December 22, 2021.

According to the Village Code Section 164.7, penalties will be imposed on customers who fail to pay their water and sewer bills on time. Additionally, water services for locations with outstanding bills will be shut off 30 days after the due date for the bill.

The Village of Newark has also indicated that it will relevy unpaid water and sewer bills on the June 2023 Village Tax Bills. This will be done for all unpaid bills within the Village of Newark taxing jurisdiction by May 5, 2023.

Customers who have any questions related to this notice are urged to contact the Village of Newark at (315) 331-4770.

The announcement comes as the Village of Newark seeks to address the issue of unpaid water and sewer bills, which have been a growing concern for the local government. The resumption of penalties and shut-off measures is expected to help the village recover the unpaid funds while ensuring that all customers are held accountable for their bills.

The Village of Newark Mayor and Board of Trustees have urged customers to ensure that their bills are paid on time to avoid penalties and shut-offs. The village has also encouraged customers who are experiencing financial difficulties to reach out to them for assistance.