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Millions of New Yorkers will lose major SNAP benefits in a few days

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Millions of New Yorkers are set to face a major setback in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP. The SNAP program, formerly called food stamps, provides monthly benefits to help low-income individuals and families purchase food. The pandemic prompted Congress to temporarily boost SNAP benefits to aid those in need, but the emergency allotments are set to end in March.

President Joe Biden declared that the COVID-19 emergency declarations would conclude on May 11, ending the additional benefits associated with the pandemic. This decision will impact nearly three million New Yorkers, causing them to rely on alternative resources.

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Communities across New York state are expected to be severely affected, particularly in rural areas. Organizations that assist low-income individuals and families are encouraging those with benefits to visit local pantries for basic food items.

The extra SNAP benefits were distributed based on household size and have already ended in 18 states. They will end in the remaining 32 states and U.S. territories in March, including New York. The impending cuts to SNAP benefits will pose significant challenges for many New Yorkers, particularly for the most vulnerable populations who rely on this program to put food on the table.

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