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AT&T tower installation means better service for residents in Steuben County

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AT&T has improved connectivity for residents in Steuben County, New York, through the installation of a new cell tower in Jasper. The tower will increase mobile broadband capabilities for rural parts of the county located between Hornell and Corning.

The tower will also bring Band 14 spectrum to the area. Band 14 is reserved for first responders and is used by FirstNet, a nationwide public safety broadband network for first responders. The network was established after 9/11 to ensure that first responders had access to communication systems in emergencies. The system will only be available to emergency personnel, including law enforcement, firefighters, emergency medical services, and emergency management departments. The Band 14 spectrum is known as public safety’s “VIP lane” and will be cleared to allow FirstNet subscribers to have priority communications during emergencies.

Ken Forenz, Steuben County’s Deputy Director of Emergency Services, said that the new network would provide first responders with priority service if the system becomes overwhelmed in emergencies. The network is expected to provide first responders with access to real-time information, allowing them to handle video, voice, and data communications. Forenz noted that AT&T’s investment in the area had improved cell coverage in the county over the past few years.

AT&T has invested over $1.6 billion in wireless and wireline networks across New York state between 2019 and 2021, with the Jasper cell tower expected to enhance wireless connectivity, mobile broadband, and provide commercial benefits for residents and businesses in the area.