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Helming’s legislation to bolster volunteer firefighter ranks advances through committee

The New York State Senate Education Committee has advanced legislation sponsored by Senator Pam Helming with bipartisan support that aims to help fire departments recruit new junior members. The proposed legislation, S.3057-A, would permit volunteer fire departments to make recruitment presentations at local high schools.

The bill addresses a critical obstacle to recruitment by allowing local fire departments to present to interested students at high schools throughout the state. The legislation garnered unanimous support from both Republicans and Democrats on the committee.

Senator Helming stated, “The future of our volunteer fire departments and the safety of our communities depends on recruiting new members. My bill will allow fire departments to introduce interested high school students to these volunteer opportunities. It is not mandatory but simply allows them to give presentations and distribute literature to students. Establishing an early connection with young adults increases the likelihood they will join their local department and enjoy a long and successful career as a volunteer firefighter. I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to move this bill forward.”

The proposed legislation would offer an important avenue for recruitment that would benefit both the volunteer fire departments and the high school students interested in exploring opportunities to serve their community. By establishing an early connection with potential recruits, volunteer fire departments could secure the next generation of firefighters and strengthen the safety of communities across New York State.

The bill will now proceed to the full Senate for consideration. If passed, it would provide an essential tool for local fire departments to recruit new members and promote community safety.

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