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Republican lawmakers push for budget to address cost of living in NY

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New York State Republicans have proposed measures to tackle the high cost of living in the state in the proposed budget. The lawmakers have criticized Governor Kathy Hochul’s $227 billion spending proposal, stating that it will hit the pockets of New Yorkers.

Republicans have called for the repeal of congestion pricing and ending a plan to charge tolls in parts of New York City. They also want to reduce local government burdens that contribute to a homeowner’s property tax bill and home heating costs.

This year, state lawmakers and Hochul are negotiating a budget amid an unusual economic backdrop. Inflation has led to low ratings for the economy from New York voters, but the state itself has been flush with cash due to higher taxes on the rich and federal pandemic money. The cost of living has been a theme for Hochul’s budget plan, and she has touted efforts to expand housing in New York to drive down rents and make it easier for people to buy a home.

However, Senate Republicans oppose Hochul’s plans to increase the payroll mobility tax in regions served by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. They also object to efforts to curtail new gas hook-ups in new construction, which they believe will drive up costs.

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