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More violence reported at Dave and Busters in Rochester

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Rochester’s Dave and Busters has been a scene of multiple violent outbreaks in recent weeks, with employees and customers falling victim to these incidents.

One patron, Alyssa LoConte, recounts a traumatic experience that took place on January 14th when she was caught in the middle of a violent altercation while leaving the establishment. She described the experience as “bad” and stated that she was pepper-sprayed, stomped on, and had her hair pulled during the ten-minute attack. Her boyfriend, Brandon Morgan, tried to intervene but was outnumbered and separated from Alyssa. He also accuses the staff of not providing any assistance and even physically removing him and Alyssa from the building.

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Jasmine Anderson, an employee of Dave and Busters in Henrietta, reports that these incidents are becoming increasingly frequent and involving larger groups. In the past year, she estimates that there have been around half a dozen fights, with the most recent one taking place on February 4th and resulting in a coworker being taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Anderson captures footage of the altercation on her phone in case it is needed for evidence.

The string of violent incidents at Dave and Busters has caused concern among employees and customers alike. A representative from the company has not yet made a statement regarding these occurrences.