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RG&E, NYSEG says its making significant progress on billing issues: How is it being done?

Rochester Gas and Electric says it continues to make significant improvements to customer service with increased staffing levels. As result, the percentage of estimated bills dropped more than 63 percent from February 2022 to January 2023. RG& attributes this to the meter read workforce  stabilizing, reading more meters, and reducing estimated bills, which will reduce billing issues. 

RG&E has added 45 new customer service representatives, who will soon begin training. The company says it already hired more than 120 customer service representatives, with over 100 more positions to be filled this year resulting in reduced wait times for customers contacting RG&E.

In addition, the backlog of bills requiring manual review has fallen more than 40 percent since  September across RG&E and New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG). With the addition of  40 billing specialists last year, the Companies were able to expedite billing reviews, resulting in more timely bills. 

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“Improving the customer service experience is a top priority for our Company, “ said Trish  Nilsen, president and CEO of RG&E and NYSEG. “It’s a process that takes time, it takes  time to train new representatives in order for them to provide quality service, and we are  holding and accelerating this training now.”  

The installation of Smart Meters will begin soon in the Rochester area, an initiative that will  reduce billing issues by significantly reducing estimates. The Company will continue to  improve the customer experience as it reaffirms its commitment to provide safe and reliable  energy to the community.