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Who will be the next leader of the Republican party in New York?

The New York State Republican Party is preparing for a change in leadership in the near future. The current chairman of the state GOP, now U.S. Rep. Nick Langworthy, is expected to step down from the post soon and the race to succeed him is heating up.

Candidates looking to fill the position are making their cases across the state. Langworthy has taken a laissez-faire approach to the race, stating that it’s a decision that should be made by the state committee members and the county chairs.

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Niagara County Chairman Rich Andres and the Erie County GOP Committee will host joint virtual interviews on Monday evening to meet with the seven announced candidates. Andres stated that people have been reaching out for the past two months to express interest in the position and have personally asked him questions about the role.

The seven announced candidates for the position are former Attorney General candidate Michael Henry, Fulton County Chair Susan McNeil, State Assemblyman Chris Tague, former congressional candidate Colin Schmitt, Rockland County Chair Lawrence Garvey, Putnam County Chair Anthony Scannapieco, and John Sarcone. Andres believes that having an open contest allows for an open dialogue among the chairs and state committeemen about what they want in a new chairman.

The party is tentatively scheduled to choose a new chairman on February 17, the same day that Langworthy’s resignation letter is due. The Niagara County chairman believes that this change in leadership will bring efficiencies to the party and better connect the state structure to the county committees.

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