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Music producer and engineer from Tompkins County wins grammy

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Lonnie Park, a music producer and engineer from Freeville, New York, had a night to remember at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Park, who was born in Ithaca, was honored with two awards, “Best Immersive Album” and “Best Global Album.”

Park won the “Best Immersive Album” award for his work on “Divine Tides,” a collaboration with Stewart Copland and Ricky Kej. Copland is a renowned drummer and founding member of The Police. In addition, Park also took home the “Best Global Album” award for his production work on “Sakura,” an album by Japanese artist Masa Takumi.

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Park shared a statement after his victories, expressing his gratitude for the support of his family and friends, who he says encouraged him every step of the way, and for his home town of Freeville. He added that the awards were a celebration for his wife and sisters, as well as his close friends and colleagues in the music industry.

The night was far from over for Park, who was still celebrating with friends and colleagues at the after-parties following the Grammy Awards telecast.