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KENNY’S 2 PENNIES: All Orange Podcast (podcast)

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Kenny Haas has plenty to get to in this week’s edition of Kenny’s 2 Pennies. Kenny first discusses the NFL as the Super Bowl is set. The Eagles and Chiefs defeated the 49ers and Bengals respectively. Kenny shares his thoughts on the games and what may have give the Eagles an edge over the hard-fighting Chiefs.

Kenny shifts his focus to the Orange and mainly basketball. It was a rough week to say the least for the Orange, and Kenny wonders what they can do close out games as the season slips away. He then talks about the football team with the 2023 schedule released last night. In a front-loaded season, Kenny isn’t thrilled with no home games in October and the Pitt game moving to Yankee Stadium. Wrapping up, Kenny shares his thoughts on Breanna Stewart and her free agency this WNBA off season.


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