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D.C. Employee Faces Murder Charge in Shooting of Teenager

A D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation employee, Jason Lewis, has surrendered himself to authorities to face a second-degree murder while armed charge in the shooting death of Karon Blake, a 13-year-old Black teenager. Blake was reportedly breaking into cars when he was confronted by Lewis in the early hours of January 7th, in the 1000 block of Quincy Street Northeast. The two were involved in an interaction that resulted in Blake being shot.

Lewis is a city employee, homeowner, and a Black man with a concealed carry permit and legally registered firearm. His attorney, Lee Smith, has stated that “no crime was committed here.” The shooting of Blake sparked protests and calls for justice from the victim’s family. The Metropolitan Police confirmed the incident and is expected to hold a press conference on Tuesday morning.

The shooting of Blake took place near Brookland Middle School, where he was a student, and resulted in his death at the hospital after the homeowner performed CPR on him. The incident has raised questions about the use of firearms and the role of citizens in ensuring their own safety. The case has sparked a heated debate about gun ownership and the right to defend one’s property.

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Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Metropolitan Police have been closely monitoring the situation and working to ensure that justice is served. The Washington Post reported that Lewis is preparing to appear at D.C. Superior Court later this afternoon. Smith’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital on Tuesday.

In conclusion, the shooting of Blake has sparked a series of events and has brought attention to the important issues of gun ownership, self-defense, and the role of citizens in maintaining their safety. The case will likely be closely watched and will have far-reaching implications for the city and its residents.

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