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One hospitalized after fight at Elmira Correctional Facility: One officer suffers injuries

A fight broke out between three inmates in the recreation field house of Elmira Correctional Facility on Monday, resulting in one inmate being transported to a local hospital with multiple lacerations.

According to a spokesperson from the facility, an officer observed two inmates fighting, one of whom was making slashing motions to the other’s head. The officer called for backup and upon the arrival of additional staff, all three inmates were ordered to stop fighting and lie on the ground. However, one of the inmates kicked an officer and attempted to engage the other inmates, leading to the use of force to contain him.

The three inmates were then evaluated for injuries and all face disciplinary charges. The inmate who was slashed sustained injuries to his forehead, cheek, and neck and was transported to an outside hospital for further treatment. The other two inmates did not sustain any injuries. A ceramic razor blade with a handle made of tape was recovered from the scene and seized as evidence.

The officer who was kicked was treated for knee pain and swelling and remained on duty.

In a separate incident, an officer at Lakeview Correctional Facility sustained a mouth injury when an inmate punched him in the face during physical training at the shock program. The inmate, who had been smoking and being disruptive, was ordered to step out and approached the officer before striking him. The inmate was taken to the ground and became compliant before being placed in a Special Housing Unit pending disciplinary charges.

Kenny Gold, NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President, stated that violence in New York’s correctional facilities continues to increase after a record year in 2022. He called for immediate action from the State Legislature to address the violence, saying their progressive policies have only escalated the level of violence inside the prisons.