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Majority of Milwaukee Truck Accidents Happen at These Intersections

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If you are driving in Milwaukee, you know that there are various places in the area where more accidents are very common. This will cause a lot of problems as you are driving around and going around Milwaukee, but knowing about how these various truck accidents happen and how dangerous these intersections can be, can help keep you safe while on the road.

Here are some of the intersections that you need to know about as you drive around Milwaukee. 

Heavy local traffic along with out of town traffic adding themselves towards the congestion that you will find at shopping malls in Milwaukee, cause a lot of crashes and accidents around these areas as people and big trucks struggle to get in and out of the shopping malls. ​​Bayshore, Mayfair, and Southridge centers are all crisis points.

The biggest reasons that crashes happen at intersections are because of things like speeding, drivers driving while drunk and intoxicated, and also drivers who aren’t wearing a seatbelt as well.

Additionally, because of big truck crashes at these intersections, additional dangers come along. Big trucks are harder to maneuver inside the intersections, and it is also much harder for huge trucks to stop when they are at an intersection. 

Some of the most common crashes include rear end collisions, accidents when drivers are making a left turn, and T bone related accidents as well. This is often because many drivers come to a stop and pick up their phones, and don’t pay attention to the road.

So whenever you are driving at an intersection, treat the area with the respect it deserves, and don’t be afraid to pay extra close attention, especially if you are driving behind or around big trucks.

Other Dangerous Intersections In Milwaukee

Another dangerous intersection where the most crashes tend to happen is on West Capitol Drive… including intersections at W. Capitol Dr. & N. Sherman Blvd, W. Capitol Dr. & 35th St, and W. Capitol Dr. & N. 51st St. So if you are driving around Milwaukee then keep your eyes on the road around West Capitol Drive.

But no matter what other intersections you happen to be driving at, you need to be aware of all of the dangers involving intersections and also ensure that you are keeping yourself safe around big trucks. So make sure to give them the right of way, remain out of their blind spots, and give them some distance as you all maneuver the intersection.

Hire A Lawyer If You Are Hurt In A Truck Wreck

However, even the most careful drivers can get involved in a truck related accident at an intersection. If you find yourself badly hurt or involved in an accident at an intersection in Milwaukee, you need to work with a good truck accident lawyer to get yourself the compensation you deserve.

Most big trucking companies don’t want to pay out of pocket and will try to pay less than what you deserve for your injuries in the truck wreck. So you need to work with an amazing lawyer to get yourself the help you deserve.

Truck wrecks can lead to a lot of injuries and damage to your car, and truck insurance companies will try to pay as little as possible. So you need to make sure a good lawyer is on your case and defending you.

They will fight to defend your interests and next time you will be able to keep yourself a little safer the next time you drive around the intersections of Milwaukee.

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