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Seneca Nation gets ready to open its first marijuana dispensary

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The Seneca Nation is set to open its first marijuana dispensary, Nativa Cannabis, in early 2023. The dispensary will be located in the Nation’s territory in western New York and will offer a variety of cannabis products, including flower, edibles, and concentrates.

The Seneca Nation, which operates as a sovereign nation, legalized marijuana for adult use in 2020. The Nation’s decision to open a dispensary is in line with its efforts to diversify its economy and create new revenue streams, according to a statement from the Nation’s President, Rickey Armstrong Sr.

“We are excited to bring Nativa Cannabis to our community and to be able to provide our citizens with safe and legal access to marijuana products,” Armstrong said. “This is an important step in our nation’s economic development and self-sufficiency.”

The dispensary will also create jobs for members of the Nation and generate revenue for community programs and services. The Nation will also work with local farmers to source marijuana products for the dispensary.

The opening of Nativa Cannabis is also in line with the increasing number of tribes across the United States that are looking to legalize and profit from marijuana sales. The Seneca Nation’s decision to open a dispensary also comes as the state of New York is working to expand its own marijuana market, with recreational use set to become legal in the state in 2022.

Nativa Cannabis will be subject to regulations set by the Seneca Nation and will also be required to comply with state and federal laws. The Nation’s leadership has emphasized its commitment to responsible use and regulation of marijuana products.

The exact opening date for Nativa Cannabis has not been announced, but it is expected to open its doors to customers in early 2023.