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Hotel Canandaigua: Inside the brand new property aiming to hire 100+ people (video)

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  • Rebecca Swift 

Though it is still under construction, the speakeasy feel of Hotel Canandaigua is there. Eight years in the making, got a look at the lakeside venue, set to open in May.

“I know there were a number of difficulties,” said General Manager Darren Holden. “I know that COVID has caused some issues in terms of labor and production, but we seemed to have turned a corner and we’re getting into the home stretch right now.”

Holden met us at the private entrance to the building, where a separate elevator goes up to the top two floors, which will be privately-owned condos. Many of them have sold already, according to Holden. He hopes the hotel provides more than just an overnight experience. 

“We really want to be a center of activities, whether standup paddle boarding, yoga, windsurfing,” Holden said. “But we also want to embrace the chill. If you want to hang by the pool, spend time by the hot tub, or do some food and wine tastings, we’re really going to have something for everybody.”

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There will be a restaurant and bar called the Cove, a yet-to-be-officially named pavilion, a spa, and a fitness center. And they’re hiring more than one hundred local people seasonally. 

“One of the things that we were really surprised at, was how many people some of our staff members and current employees were interested in this property before we even put an ad out for a job,” Holden said. “There were many people that sought us out, and actually wanted to come here and work with us. There has been a lot of anticipation for this to open, but I didn’t expect to see it quite so much on the staffing side. We’ve been able to hire a few very high-caliber people locally.”

Holden said the team so far is small, but they’re ramping up for recruiting.

“The banquet operations are substantial,” he added. “There’s a high degree of seasonality that’s going to come in to play. But we would have upwards of 150 people during the summer. And possibly could go higher.” 

Those interesting in applying can check out openings here.