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NWS: California continues to get slammed by storm systems, thousands forced to evacuate

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California has been hit by a series of severe storms that have killed at least 14 people and forced thousands of residents to evacuate their homes due to flooding and mudslides. The National Weather Service (NWS) reported that downtown Los Angeles saw 2.73 inches of rain, while Bel Air recorded 5.27 inches. In central California and the Sierra Nevada mountains, the precipitation total over the past two days is nearly 17 inches. The water levels of the Ventura, Salinas, and Sisquoc rivers have reached record highs.

The NWS stated that California has recorded rainfall totals that are 400-600% above average, and the situation is expected to worsen as another storm is brewing off the coast of California. This storm is forecast to bring heavy rain and snow to northern California over the next couple of days, increasing the risk of flooding and landslides.

“Just as the last episode of heavy precipitation across California is beginning to wind down early this morning, another energetic low-pressure system is quickly gathering strength off the West Coast and heading once again toward California,” the NWS said in a statement. “In addition to being highly moisture-laden, this rapidly intensifying system is also packing some thunderstorms. The core of the system will slam onshore with moderate to heavy rain resuming across much of California today through tonight while several more feet of snow is possible along the Sierra Nevada.”

The storm is forecast to bring heavy rainfall to areas already saturated with water, which increases the risk of landslides, flash floods and other dangerous weather conditions. The authorities are urging the residents of California to stay vigilant, stay informed and follow evacuation orders, to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

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