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Hotel Canandaigua closing in on completion after 8 year journey

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  • Rebecca Swift 

For many years ‘Hotel Canandaigua’ was infamously known as ‘The Bird Cage’. Local residents were frustrated about the lack of development at the lakefront property.

Now, the five-story structure, which features two floors of condos and three floors of hotel space. That hotel will feature 190-rooms, a conference room, and restaurant.

The Hotel Canandaigua

It should all open by May 1st. But right now, the fifth floor is open with people living there. The fourth floor, city officials say, will receive a temporary certificate of occupancy soon.

City Manager John Goodwin tells that he’s happy to see the project approaching the finish line.

“Hotel Canandaigua has had various names throughout its development,”Goodwin said. “Some official and some unofficial names. Hotel Canandaigua is the current name. That seems to be the one that’s going to stick.”

Goodwin said the project has been a lengthy one. There’s no hiding the under-development that lasted for years at the property. “We’re at a point where it’s nearing completion,” he added. “We would like to have been here many years ago. A hotel at this site has been envisioned ever since Roseland Park closed back in the 80s.”

Construction began officially in 2015 and nearly eight years later completion is close.

“We’re at the finish line and it’s going to help the city meet some long-term goals,” Goodwin continued. “We’ve always been a tourist destination. But one of the things we want to try to do is make it a year-round destination not just during the summer months. But have conferences here, exploring downtown, even further the economic engine that it already is.”