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Local doctor talks Bills safety Damar Hamlin cardiac arrest

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Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin remains in critical condition after suffering from cardiac arrest during a Monday Night Football game at the Cincinnati Bengals stadium. The cause of Hamlin’s cardiac arrest is still being determined by doctors.

According to Dr. Scott Feitell, the Director of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Heart Failure at Rochester Regional Health, the next 72 hours will be crucial in understanding the extent of Hamlin’s injuries and his potential recovery. He recently spoke with News10NBC about the injury and how it can evolve once medical care begins at the hospital.

There are a number of factors that could have caused Hamlin’s cardiac arrest, including blunt force trauma to the chest, genetic predisposition to an arrhythmia, and competing at a high level.

The Bills’ medical team responded quickly to Hamlin’s cardiac arrest, starting chest compressions and eventually restoring his pulse. Dr. Feitell credits the swift response of the medical team for Hamlin’s survival. He notes that early CPR by bystanders can significantly increase survival rates and urges fans to get CPR training.

While Hamlin’s condition remains critical, Dr. Feitell emphasizes that the cardiac arrest occurred in close proximity to medical staff and trained paramedics, which was a positive factor in Hamlin’s survival. The medical team is reportedly following a standardized bundle of care for post-cardiac arrest patients, including monitoring Hamlin’s kidneys and liver and providing necessary interventions.

Dr. Feitell advises fans, friends, and teammates of the Bills to stay vigilant and get CPR training to be prepared to respond in case of a cardiac arrest emergency. Updates on Hamlin’s condition will be provided as more information becomes available.