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New York lawmakers are now the highest paid in the U.S.

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Lawmakers have given themselves a raise.

Democrats took advantage of numbers in state representatives to increase salaries and limit outside income. While some advocates cheered for the limit on outside income, others were frustrated and focused on the 29% pay raise.

Lawmakers will now make $142,000 per year, and be limited to $35,000 in outside income.

Republicans argued that limiting outside income violates the state’s constitution. They threatened to file a lawsuit over the outside income portion of the resolution.

Lawmakers who were critical of the raise and voted against it said increasing salaries by that amount was ‘out of touch’ with New Yorkers who are struggling to afford essentials.

While there isn’t anything that can be done about the pay raises – there could be a legal fight brewing over the outside income issue.

Republican lawmakers, and a few Democrats, voted against the measure, but it wasn’t enough.