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Secret files from JFK assassination are released

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On Thursday the National Archives released thousands of documents related to the assassination of former President John. F. Kennedy, which had previously been kept secret.

According to Axios, President Joe Biden authorized that 70% of the 16,000 remaining files be released to the public. This decision was made after a review of the files was completed over the last year.

Biden believes that the documents should be shared with the public unless the strongest possible reasons make that impossible. The memo released explained that the assassination of JFK still remains a part of many Americans’ memories as well as a part of American history.

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All documents are being released publicly in accordance with national security. Biden has also requested the release of all redacted information unless its protection outweighs public interest.

This has been put off due to the pandemic. The one year deadline the National Archives had to review the documents ended on Thursday. In October the Biden administration was sued by the Mary Ferrell Foundation to force them to release the records.

A poll revealed that more than 70% of voters wanted Biden to release the secret records.

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