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HBO Max breaks the unwritten rules of streaming services

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The unwritten rule among streaming networks is that when they release their own original series or movie, it never leaves the streaming network.

This is true for once popular shows like Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards on Netflix. When it comes to licensed shows like The Office, according to TechHive, their networks that own the license can pull them whenever they want to add them to other streaming services.

Normally when a show is an original and owned by the streaming platform they do not get removed because there isn’t another place for them to go.

HBO Max is breaking that rule and Warner Bros. decided to pull Westworld from the network as well as a few other originals.

This move makes it so Warner doesn’t need to keep paying residuals to the cast and crew and will be able to turn a profit in streaming services.

While this appears to be the first time this is happening, people worry it may become a trend as streaming services work to save money.

Vinyl, Camping, and Mrs. Fletcher were all pulled earlier in the year. Direct-to-streaming movies were removed and some shows that had not even aired were canceled, including Batgirl.

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