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Less cases filed than expected for the Adult Survivors Act

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The Adult Survivors Act was created in 2019 which allowed adults that were child victims of sexual abuse to file lawsuits against their abusers.

During the first two weeks it was open in 2019 there were more than 570 lawsuits.

Based on that 2019 launch, another act called the Adult Survivors Act was launched. It does the same thing, except victims did not need to be children when the abuse happened.

According to the Times Union, less than two dozen cases have been filed. The cases that were filed are against many high profile companies or individuals including former President Donald Trump.

Many more cases were filed in the last week including against Bill Cosby who has already served time in prison for sexual assault. In this lawsuit, Cosby, Kaufman Astoria Studios, NBCUniversal and the Casey-Werner Company are all named.

30 women filed a lawsuit against the Harvard Club of New York City as well as director James Toback, accusing him of targeting young women in the streets as well as women that wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

Liberty Behavioral Management Group in Onondaga County was also sued with their employee Robert Rosolanko. It is alleged that the employee engaged in sexual manipulation of female patients.

While there aren’t a lot of lawsuits now, many believe they will start coming in soon.

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