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Anthony Carfagno elected Fishers Fire Commissioner

Anthony ‘Tony’ Carfagno defeated Jean Krym in the election for fire commissioner in the Fishers Fire District.

A total 642 ballots were received with 450 casting votes for Carfagno. Krym received 169 votes.

For weeks, interest has been brewing among those who live in the fire district over taxation, cost of operation, and a potential merger.

“There’s one faction that feels that the taxes are too high and the service doesn’t match what they’re paying,” Fire Chief Daniel Chapman told ahead of the election. “Another side is comfortable with what we’re doing and the direction that we’re trying to head.”

Chapman said he avoided getting involved in the political side of things, and stuck to operations.

“What I’ve said all along is I’ve heard the concerns from both sides,” he continued. “I come from 35 plus years in the fire service. The operational budget hasn’t made any jumps. The officers and I continue to try to find ways to save money, but we also know there’s got to be a quality service. We don’t want the service to go backwards just to save money.”

Carfagno is part of the Fishers Taxpayer Coalition, which has sought to reduce the tax burden on residents who live there. He said in the lead up to election day that getting a third member on the board was going to be necessary. Effective January 1st, 2023 they will have it.

His priorities include improvements to retiree health care and merging with the Victor Fire Department.