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As holidays get closer, gas prices are dropping

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Last week the national average for a gallon of gas dropped by 14 cents.

This means it was $3.26, which is six less cents than one year ago, according to AAA. There are 34 states that have averages lower than one year ago.

“The seasonal pattern of less driving due to shorter days and crummy weather, combined with a lower oil cost, is driving gas prices lower,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “If this trend continues, many states could see their average prices fall below $3 a gallon by early next year.”

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The national average today is also 52 cents less than one month ago.

States that have seen the biggest weekly decreases include:

  • Montana by 26 cents
  • California by 25 cents
  • Alaska by 24 cents
  • Nevada by 21 cents
  • Oregon by 21 cents
  • Washington by 21 cents
  • Michigan by 21 cents
  • Arizona by 20 cents
  • Wyoming by 20 cents
  • Indiana by 19 cents

The top states with the least expensive markets for gas include

  • Texas at $2.69
  • Oklahoma at $2.70
  • Arkansas at $2.79
  • Missouri at $2.81
  • Louisiana at $2.84
  • Mississippi at $2.84
  • Tennessee at $2.84
  • Wisconsin at $2.85
  • Georgia at $2.87
  • Kansas at $2.89
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