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New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association isn’t talking about leadership

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On October 6, a meeting with the Troopers PBA resulted in President Thomas H Mungeer stepping down.

The PBA represents thousands of state troopers. According to the Times Union, there are allegations of policy violations, undisclosed conflicts of interest, and controversial financial and hiring practices. The claims are made by people familiar with the situation.

Exactly what will happen following the release of this information isn’t clear. The PBA could report the alleged misconduct to an outside agency, or hire forensic auditors and external investigators.

A statement shared with Times Union explained that the acting presidents and administration reviewed previous practices and have enacted new policies to improve procedures for everyone involved.

The meeting on October 6 lasted over six hours and not only did the president step down, but general counsel Richard E. Mulvaney resigned. Mulvaney is a former NYPD lieutenant.

Issues brought up during the meeting included the discovery of a longtime contract with Epic Risk Solutions, a brokerage in Goshen that focuses on augmented coverage plans for state trooper unions. It turns out that Mulvaney and Mungeer have insurance licenses and their credentials are listed with Epic Risk Solutions. It was not disclosed to the board that both Mulvaney and Mungeer had financial interest in that company.

The owner of the company, Michael S. Klugman, said Mulvaney and Mungeer did nothing wrong and never signed an insurance contract, adding that the PBA’s allegations are false.

Accusations of policy violations were also made, with the PBA asking for an investigation. Which policies were violated remains unclear.

Financials with programs like the Signal 30 Fund and Surgeons Group are also under fire.

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