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Buffalo Bills Remain Positive Despite Von Miller’s Injury

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The Buffalo Bills have been on a hot streak lately. With three wins in their last four games, the Bills are now the leaders of the AFC East. This is an exciting time for team fans since the Bills seem to be more than fit to enter the playoffs and put up a good fight in the race to reach the Super Bowl.

The team returned to practice Wednesday afternoon after a “mini-bye” following their 24-10 victory over the New England Patriots.

They want to stay focused and not lose concentration for the following games, said Josh Allen.

“We know these games that are coming up, they matter,” Allen explained. “The ones in December and January, they matter. We’ve got to find ways to go win some football games.”

Allen threw two touchdown passes in the win against the New England Patriots 24-10 and became the first player in NFL history with three seasons of 25 passing touchdowns and five rushing scores.

The Bills have managed to dominate the Patriots as, including last season’s playoffs; they have won their previous three games.

The Bills managed to handle the game so well that they even drove Mac Jones crazy; the quarterback confessed that he got carried away in the heat of the moment, “I let my emotions get to me. I said we had to be shooting deep, but we were still in the short game, even though it was working for us. But I felt we needed a change in planning,” Jones said.

Jones was even seen yelling at Matt Patricia to tighten up the defensive line, although the player said he wasn’t yelling at anyone in particular, “I yelled to get everyone to cheer up; this is emotional, this is football. I love this game. It wasn’t for someone specific, just emotion coming out, because we needed motivation.”

Von Miller is out with an injury

It’s not all good news for the Bills, as Von Miller underwent surgery on his right knee to repair a torn ACL and will be out for the remainder of the season.

The defensive star and MVP of Super Bowl 50 had been placed on injured reserve with the intention of getting him back, but the injury was more severe than thought.

“Don’t feel sorry for me. I am excited for the opportunity to show my teammates how strong I am and how hard I work. I love and appreciate you. All love and respect to everyone,” Von Miller said after undergoing surgery.

The player was injured at the end of the second quarter in his team’s victory against the Detroit Lions in Week 12, and they hoped that he could recover quickly, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

This is a blow to the Bills as they still haven’t fully capitalized on Von Miller, who only joined the team in March of this year on a $120 million, six-year deal. The linebacker had eight quarterback sacks and 21 tackles in the current season.

Despite the Von Miller injury, Buffalo’s AFC Championship odds are listed as short as +200; if you like what you see about the Bills and want to bet, you can take advantage of the New York Sports Betting promo codes for December and get better value for your money.

The team remains mentally strong

The current favorites to win Super Bowl LVII are the Buffalo Bills (+375), and they know that to get there, they need to maintain a winning mentality.

Head coach Sean McDermott briefed the team on Von Miller’s loss and asked the group to remain focused on maintaining good performance.

Allen stated that they would miss his teammate but that they would not lose focus on continuing to win. “He’s doing everything he can to help this team win football games,” Allen added. “Obviously that’s going to be a different role for him now. But make no mistake about it, we’re going to miss him. He’s definitely a difference maker on the field, but we’ve got some guys that will step up and try to fill those roles as best as possible. Again, we’re all keeping him in our hearts and our thoughts right now, and hopefully, we can get him back soon and love up on him and show him how much he means to us.”

“There is going to be adversity every step of the way,” Allen said. “Luckily, we’ve got the guys that we do in this locker room … To use leadership and to go out there and, like Von says, ‘Don’t blink.’… Our main focus right now is trying to go 1-0 this next week against the Jets, who we’ve already lost to. That’s our mindset. That’s going to be our mindset going forward. Just win every week.”

But as LB Tremaine Edmunds said this gives opportunity to other players who are hungry to prove themselves worthy, “It gives other guys in the locker the ability to come in and step up,” Edmunds noted. “Guys like A.J. Epenesa, guys like Shaq Lawson, Greg (Rousseau), and I know those guys are excited for the challenge and the opportunity.”

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