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Online Gambling Companies Flood the U.S. Market as Growth Continues

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The U.S. online sports betting market has always been the most coveted prize for international bookmakers and gambling companies. They have been anxiously waiting for the regulators to turn the tide and reverse the unfortunate decision that made most forms of gambling illegal nationwide. Things are definitely in motion and with more states are legalizing gambling in general and betting in particular, sports betting companies are flooding the U.S. market.

America’s favorite pastime is back

Sports betting has been for decades a popular activity in the U.S., home to some of the strongest championships in the world. People simply love betting on American football, basketball, ice hockey, and baseball during the regular season and playoffs. For many, sports betting has the uncanny ability to make otherwise uninteresting matches captivating. Sports betting was legal in Nevada for more than 70 years and now that players can also gamble legally online, they do it with great enthusiasm.

East Coast states were among the first to jump on the bandwagon and now sports betting is legal in New Jersey and Delaware. Interestingly enough, more money is wagered on sports in New Jersey than in Nevada, even though Las Vegas casinos are far more popular than their Atlantic City counterparts. A significant percentage of these numbers come from online sports betting. The vast majority of people who gamble online do it on mobile devices, with smartphones and tablets being the preferred gadgets.

International bookmakers flock to the U.S.

Major gambling groups like have carefully watched the evolution of sports betting in America and waited for an opportunity to return. The biggest and most respectable bookmakers left the U.S. shores when gambling was made illegal, to comply with the requirements of local regulators. However, they never lost hope and patiently waited for a chance to provide Americans with sports betting once again. This opportunity presents itself today, as more U.S. states are making sports betting legal

The Supreme Court decision represented an important milestone in the process of legalizing sports betting nationwide. Giving power back to the states, allowed local lawmakers to decide whether sports betting and gambling, in general, should be legal in their state. Not surprisingly, most of them decided to consult the constituents and the response was overwhelmingly favorable. Laws are being set in place to create the legal framework needed to provide sports betting in a secure and fair environment.

International bookmakers have already applied for licenses in the U.S. and set up partnerships with local casinos. In states where sports betting was legalized, many have already opened shop and more are expected to join in the foreseeable future. These gambling groups are willing to invest massive amounts because they realize the tremendous potential of the American gambling market. This will create more jobs, generate income for state coffers and provide quality and secure entertainment to local punters.