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Could the Giants Be Set to Surprise the NFL This Season?

The Giants have had a couple of sub-par performances throughout the past few years, and at this point, they are widely regarded as one of the less formidable competitors in the NFL. As you would expect, the Giants are not all too keen on this reputation they have garnered, and it seems as though they have made some big changes going into this upcoming season.

Moreover, if things go their way, we could just see them rise back to notoriety. In this article, we will be taking a look at whether or not the Giants have any surprises in store for us this upcoming NFL season, as well as talking about a few of the factors that could indicate that 2022 might just be their year.

We May Be Set To See Some Shocking New Arrivals

Bringing in new players is one of the best ways a coach can bring life into the team. New faces and fresh talent does wonders for team morale, and that goes without mentioning the immeasurable impact they can have on a team’s dynamic.

Well, it just so happens that the Giants are set to bring in a whole boat-load of new players in the upcoming draft. The Giants have nine picks in the 2022 NFL draft; five of them being in the top eighty-one. This will give them a great opportunity to rebalance their team a little, and it could have a drastic impact on their performance.

It would not be a surprise to see American Football betting go rampant if the Giants happened to get a ton of talented players on their roster – the potential this has to transform their reputation and performance is truly unprecedented.

Having so many new players amongst the ranks is undoubtedly going to be a good thing for the Giants, and if they choose to go with any of the fan favourites, we could be in to see a real shift in how they are viewed.

Finally Had Some Time To Get Themselves Straight

Saying that the Giants have a shaky record would be an understatement. Whilst they certainly have had a plethora of amazing games, they are as far from reliable as you can imagine, and this is simply down to the fact that consistency hasn’t been present within this team for years.

Perhaps the main cause of this is their lack of a regular trainer/coach. The Giants have had numerous coaches throughout the years, with most of them lasting as little as a couple of months.

This makes things extremely difficult. Not only do different coaches have different training methods and strategies, but it also takes a new coach a considerable amount of time to get fully acquainted with a team.

Fortunately, the Giants have now been under the guidance of one coach for a considerable amount of time now, and this could mean we are set to see a better, more reliable Giants.

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