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Adultery is made illegal by Indonesia’s Parliament

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A unanimous vote by Indonesia’s Parliament has made sex outside of marriage illegal.

Not only will the ban on sex outside of marriage be for citizens, but foreign visitors are impacted as well.

A new code has also expanded on the current blasphemy law, according to the Associated Press. Any citizen that deviates from the six recognized religions can be sentenced to five years in prison.

These religions include Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism. The code needs to be approved by the president and the government claims it would not go into effect for many more years.

As for sex outside of marriage, the amended code says it will be pubishable by one year in jail. Adultery charges need to be filed with the police by a spouse, parent, or child.

Other legal changes include up to a ten year prison sentence for being involved with Marxist groups or four years for spreading communism.

Citizens have reacted to the changes with mixed feelings, some supporting the moves with others against them.

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