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Vaccine trials happening for RSV and URMC is involved

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Two medical trials are happening locally that may help fight RSV.

RSV is one of the leading illnesses this season, resulting in children being hospitalized at a higher rate than years before.

Now URMC has joined in the fight against RSV. Research is being done at the hospital to see how vaccines work in preventing the virus, according to 13 WHAM.

One study is looking at preventing RSV for newborns in the first six months of their life, and the other looks at vaccinating older children.

Studies done show that all children will be infected with RSV by the age of 2. One strategy to help protect children from the virus is with monoclonal antibodies. The other is to vaccinate pregnant women who would pass immunity onto their unborn children.

Pfizer has been conducting the trial with pregnant women and has seen a positive outcome. The immunity would wear off by the time the baby is 4 or 5 months old.