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Supporters advocate for Medical Aid in Dying Act to be passed

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Advocates are supporting a measure that would allow a terminally ill person the right to end their life.

Legislatures in New York will be discussing the topic when they return to Albany. The bill they’re discussing is called the Medical Aid in Dying Act, according to News Channel 10.

In New York, patients who are terminally ill and mentally competent have the right to refuse treatment for their illness. Doctors do not have the ability to prescribe them medications that would help them as they die. Passing the Medical Aid in Dying Act would change that.

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Supporters of the measure believe patients having this right would give them a dignified death and a say in how it went.

While not available in New York, it is available in other states where people have gone to receive the medication.

Those against it believe it could shame people into ending their lives because they feel they’re burdening their families.

In order to obtain this sort of medication in other states, there are steps that need to be taken. This means not just anybody can get this type of medication. First, two doctors must determine that you’re terminally ill. You must also be deemed mentally able to make the decision, and only have six months or less left to live. The person prescribed the medication must also be the one who picks it up.

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