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Death note left by Walmart shooter reveals details

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The prime suspect in the deadly mass shooting at a Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart left a death note that revealed more details surrounding his actions.

Andre Bing, 31, addressed the note to God and said that his actions were not planned. He claimed instead that he was being led by Satan and things “fell into place.”

Other details in the note claimed that Bing had “failed to listen to the Holy Spirit” and that he had “lost his dignity after his phone was hacked.” He ended the note by asking for God’s forgiveness for his forthcoming actions, according to iHeartRadio.

Police found this note after completing forensic analysis of Bing’s phone, which was found at the scene. When the note was written has not been shared and if a motive has been determined, it has not been made public. Law enforcement has shared that Bing had a manifesto on his phone.

Bing recently became upset over a change in his employment and had kept a list of people he may have been targeting before the shooting happened. He was a disgruntled Walmart manager.

At least six people were killed by Bing before he killed himself. Two victims injured in the shooting are still hospitalized, one being in critical condition.

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