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Holiday concert coming to Wolcott next weekend

A Christmas concert is coming to Wolcott, Wayne County.

Chris Kenyon and Kelley Patchen-Loveless are going to keep a 22-year tradition alive, with sponsorship from Lyons National Bank, who will provide funding for the show.

It will happen Sunday, December 11th at 3 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church on West Main Street.

Chris Kenyon and Kelley Patchen-Loveless enlisted veteran musicians Joe Cortini and Matt Vacanti to direct the show; Vacanti will serve as arranger/bandleader.

They are bringing in a five piece “house band” that will serve as a supporting cast for instrumentalists and vocalists from as far away as Boston, with styles ranging from Blue Grass to Jazz and Classical. “As always when Cortini and Vacanti collaborate you can expect world-class music. They’ve shared a couple highlights about the show, and I can tell you this is a show not to be missed” said curator Chris Kenyon.

“The concert at the church was a highlight of the Holiday season for me, and I’m honored to be able to help continue the tradition. Matt (Vacanti) is bringing in some A-list players from the Boston area, which will take the show to the next level,” added Cortini.

Cash donations are accepted, which will benefit the First Presbyterian Food Pantry that serves over 1400 families in the Wolcott area. The show has a run time of approximately 90 minutes, with an intermission for cookies and refreshments. For more information contact Chris Kenyon at 315-879-1341.