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Third death in Monroe County related to RSV

New data released Monday shows that a third person has died from RSV.

As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, RSV is spreading faster than it normally does at this time of year.

Health leaders in the area are urging residents to stay up to date on vaccines. Not only is RSV a threat, but so are the flu and COVID-19. Both of these viruses have vaccines to help fight off the illness.

Monroe County Public Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza said that the reality of the situation is we aren’t at the end yet, according to 13 WHAM.

He added that while COVID-19 cases are declining, there is always the possibility of a resurgence of other illnesses, which is what is currently happening.

This means as COVID-19 cases fall, RSV and the flu are taking its place and peaking both sooner and faster than in previous years.

Everyone who has died in Monroe County from RSV this year was 65 or older.

As of October 1 there have been 2,887 cases of RSV reported with 247 hospitalizations.

There are also 1,834 cases of the flu with 53 hospitalizations.