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Amoxicillin shortage has healthcare providers on their toes

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Certain types of Amoxicillin are experiencing a shortage according to the FDA.

This antibiotic is most commonly used among children. The warning is important as illnesses among children are on the rise and healthcare systems are trying to keep up.

Dr. Robert Mayo, the Chief Medical Officer for Rochester Regional Health, spoke with News Channel 10.

He said that there are times when the hospital has to juggle medications and manage doses closely to be sure patients are getting what they need. There are many full-time pharmacists working at the hospital who focus entirely on sourcing medications.

Dr. Michael Apostolkos, the Chief Medical Officer at Strong and Highland Hospitals said there have been no critical shortages to cause major concern for children and the community. He added that if it happened the community would be notified and there may be a different choice than the medication facing the shortage.

Ear infections, strep throat and whooping cough are often treated with Amoxicillin. The shortage is currently being managed, but if it gets worse parents may need to try different pharmacies or an alternative medicine to get what they need.