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750 women formerly incarcerated in NYS sue over sex abuse happening in prisons and jails

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A new report from the Department of Corrections and Community Services shows that in 2018 there were 511 accusations of sexual abuse happening in jails and prisons.

The new Adult Survivors Act has allowed lawsuits to be filed on behalf of formerly incarcerated women who claim have to have been sexually assaulted in jail or prison. A lot of the assaults were allegedly committed by staff while the women were in custody. In addition to the claims of assault, it is also said that NYSDOCCS did not do anything to stop the abuse, according to Times Union.

There are two law firms representing the women who plan to file the claims. Facilities that the abuse allegedly happened include Albion Correctional Facility in Orleans County and the former Bayview Correctional Facility in Manhattan.

The firms representing the women include Slater Slater Schulman and Ben Crump Law. A statement was issued saying that the state was aware of this happening and did not intervene or follow up on the accusations of sexual assault and harassment. Of the 511 allegations, 399 of them were against staff. 104 of these claims were sexual harassment and 295 were sexual misconduct.

The lawsuits will be filed November 24 when the one year period for claims begins under the Adult Survivors Act. The law lets victims who were abused while over the age of 18 sue their abusers with no statute of limitations on when the abuse took place. Most of the women filing lawsuits weren’t able to do so until their sentence ended, which usually happened after the statute of limitations was up.

The following facilities were named by victims

  • Bayview Correctional Facility: Over 200 complaints
  • Albion Correctional Facility: 164 complaints
  • Bedford Hills Correctional Facility: 79 complaints
  • Rikers Island: 64 complaints
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