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Impacts of marijuana smoke on lungs

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A study has revealed that smoking marijuana may have negative effects beyond just smoking cigarettes.

The research will help prove to people that smoking marijuana isn’t safer than smoking cigarettes, according to one of the co-authors of the study.

According to 13 WHAM, a lot of the smokers in the study developed emphysema which makes it harder to breathe. CT scans were studied by researchers wit hOttawa Hospital in Canada that looked at people who smoked marijuana, those who only smoked cigarettes, and those who do not smoke at all.

The rates of emphysema were around the same when comparing marijuana smokers with cigarette smokers. Marijuana smokers had more airway inflammation than those who only smoked cigarettes.

While these results look promising, the study had its limitations so reaching a final conclusion isn’t entirely possible. The study was small and nobody knew the amount of marijuana the marijuana smokers had used. They also did not know the method that marijuana users chose to inhale the drug. The number of people who smoked marijuana with cigarettes was incredibly high compared to those who only smoked cigarettes.

Right now, there are no long term studies with marijuana smokers to really prove anything. When it comes to studies on cigarette smokers, there are plenty of studies that have been done over long periods of time.

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