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Home » News » Waterloo pursues sales tax revenue from Seneca County again

Waterloo pursues sales tax revenue from Seneca County again

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The village of Waterloo is seeking a share of sales tax revenue.

The message came from Mayor Jack O’Connor in a press release, where he indicated that the village needed to consider the best methods to fund services like law enforcement and fire protection.

“Given the increasing costs of these services and the fact that the village’s main source of revenue is property taxes, we are at a critical juncture,” O’Connor said. “To avoid higher increases in property taxes, we need to formally request that Seneca County once again consider sharing sales tax collected with the local municipalities within its boundaries, like 46 of the state’s 57 counties outside New York City do.”

The last time the matter was brought before Seneca County, a special committee was formed. However, the committee did not move forward because sharing sales tax with towns or villages could adversely impact its funding situation.

It’s unclear how much support there is on the board currently for such a proposal.