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Mets Prospects and Predictions for the World Series

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The New York Mets are still sitting at the top of the NL East, although the Atlanta Braves have cut their lead and are quickly creeping up. If the Mets want to be skip the wild card round of the playoffs, they’re going to need to build their win buffer back up.

People love to bet on the playoffs and finals of any sport. The Super Bowl is the single biggest sports betting event in the United States and the World Series isn’t far behind. Since sports betting was legalized in 2018, its popularity has grown across the country. Many sports fans are still, understandably, pretty new to betting on sports and can get a bit lost in the process.

Betting on your favorite team to win is always an option, even if it’s not always a smart one — sorry Diamondbacks’ fans. The smarter choice is to do some research and make an informed bet. Taking the time to read up on the World Series prospects and predictions is the best way to make smart betting decisions.

A month ago, the Mets would have seemed like one of the safest bets in baseball. Now, things don’t look quite so certain. This article will look at the Mets World Series prospects and some of the other predictions we’re currently seeing.

The Mets

August hasn’t been the kindest month to the Mets, yet they’ve still managed to hold on to their position at the top of the division. This just goes to show how strong of a team they are and how many wins ahead they were of their competition.

The Mets series against the Braves exposed some of the team’s weaknesses and the injuries sustained by top players during the series made things even worse. Carlos Carrasco and Luis Guillorme were both put on the injured list on August 15th and Taijuan Walker joined them there on the 20th.

They managed to keep the scores closer in the later games and won one. This was due in part to the minor league players who had been called up to fill in for their injured teammates. Brett Baty, called all the way up from Double-A, hit a home run with his first swing in the major leagues and brought a bit of a spark back to the team.

The Mets next four games are against the Rockies, which should help increase their lead in the division. After that, it will depend on their ability to keep the team balanced despite all the injuries. Our prediction is that the Mets will win the NL East and be able to sit out the Wild Card round. They have what it takes to make it all the way to the Final. However, the LA Dodgers are looking untouchable this season and look likely to be this year’s champions.

Other predictions

As we noted above, the Dodgers are having an amazing season. They are 17 games ahead of the San Diego Padres and five games ahead of the Houston Astros, their closest competitors. Unless the team collapses entirely in the next week, they are going to be the number one seed in the playoffs.

The St Louis Cardinals are also safely clear of the Milwaukee Brewers, so that means that both the NL Central and West are fairly easy to predict. Alongside the Braves, either the Brewers or the Padres are likely to be one of our NL wild cards. The other wild card spot looks as if it will likely to go to the Philadelphia Phillies. They may be sitting at third in their division, but they’ve got a better record than the Brewers and Padres do.

The American League is where we may see a bit more change in the run up to the play offs. The New York Yankees and the Houston Astros are both far enough ahead that we expect to see them as the first and second seeds. The AL Central is still totally up for grabs. Only four wins separate the top three teams and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Chicago White Sox capitalize on their recent wins and rise to the top of the standings to become the third seed.

The AL wild cards are even harder to call. The Seattle Mariners have been looking better than expected this season and should be able to secure a wild card spot. The numbers currently have the Toronto Blue Jays and the Tampa Bay Rays in the other two wild card spots but there are no certainties.

Our prediction is that either the Astros or the Yankees will win the League but neither looks as if they will be able to handle the Dodgers in the Final.

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