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KENNY’S 2 PENNIES: Josh Allen or Gomer Pyle (podcast)

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Kenny Haas is fired up on this week’s Kenny’s 2 Pennies. The Orange football squad were ran out of the dome on Saturday night by Florida State. Kenny pins the blame squarely on Dino Babers for the way the past few weeks have gone for Syracuse post-Clemson loss. Kenny also shares his thoughts on the upcoming games at Wake Forest and Boston College to close the season with an unknown bowl game looming.

Things didn’t get much better for Kenny as the Bills lost in overtime to the Vikings on Sunday. Kenny has another direct message to give, this time at Josh Allen. He also says how much of this could fall on the coaching staff, including Ken Dorsey.

Before Kenny signs off for the week, he turns his attention to a positive. The Syracuse basketball team defeated Lehigh to open the season last week. Kenny breaks down what he liked from the Orange. He looks ahead to a busy few days for the Orange, as they play Colgate, Northeastern and Richmond in short order.


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