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Student loan forgiveness applications taken down from website

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An announcement was made Friday that the Biden administration would no longer accept student loan forgiveness applications.

This comes following the ruling made by a federal judge against the program on Thursday. The website that led borrowers to the applications now has a message stating, “Student Loan Debt Relief is Blocked,” according to My Twin Tiers.

The site went on to explain that they were not accepting applications at that time. It also explains that the pause is due to the court ruling that happened in Texas, and that the administration will continue to fight in court for the program. Those who already applied for relief will have their applications kept on file.

People are encouraged to sign up for updates from the Federal Student Aid office. The program would give student loan borrowers up to $20,000 in relief, but was struck down by U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman in Texas. Pittman is a Trump appointee.

The program was described as “an unconstitutional exercise of Congress’s legislative power” and the administration would need approval from Congress to move forward,” according to Pittman.

This is the second win for Republicans who have filed lawsuits against the student loan forgiveness program.

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