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New York State Environmental Bond Act explained

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The election results show that the Environmental Bond Act passed, and now $4.2 billion dollars will go toward environmental projects in New York State.

According to CNY Central, 67% of voters favored the plan that supported greener projects. The Act was previously called the Clean Water, Clean Air, Green Jobs Act. It will focus on climate change, flood risk reduction, open space land conservation, and water quality improvement.

Sean Mahar, executive deputy commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation believes the project will help communities to handle climate realities.

He added that while $4.2 billion seems like a lot, it isn’t compared to the damage caused in the past.

In the last decade, hurricanes and storms like Sandy, Ida, and Lee have done a lot of damage to New York State. By using the $4.2 billion to help prevent damages, it can save in the long run. These storms caused tens of billions of dollars in damages over the years.

NYSDEC is currently working with other agencies to find ways to spend the money. This will help create a better environment for New York.

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