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I-81 project stopped in Syracuse due to court order

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A state Supreme Court judge stopped the work being done on Interstate 81 in Syracuse on Thursday.

A group called Renew 81 challenged the progress being made. They did this by citing the Green Amendment in New York State. The Green Amendment provides the right to clean air and water as well as a healthy environment.

The area being worked on is incredibly old and has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. The State Department of Transportation finally decided to move forward with the project, and then Renew 81 and other groups challenged them.

The challenge focuses on the impacts the work will have on the environment. The Green Amendment was passed in 2021, but not everyone agrees with the legal stance.

Some leaders feel that the group using the Green Amendment to challenge the highway from being built makes little sense.

The group challenging the construction feels that the city should figure out a different solution that will work for everyone.