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Winter Weather Awareness Week for New York State

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This week was Winter Weather Awareness Week in New York State, which lasted from Oct. 30 through tomorrow, Nov. 5.

One of the topics covered was what the difference between a winter weather watch or a winter weather warning were, according to My Twin Tiers.

These are important to know because they are very commonly used in the Upstate New York area during the winter season.

A watch is issued when a storm is early in development and has the potential to create conditions bad enough to harm life or property.

A warning is issued when a threat to life or property is imminent or already started due to the winter weather.

Advisories are issued for less serious weather that isn’t going to cause an immediate threat, but may impact traffic or outdoor and public activities.

A lot of the ones seen in New York State are for winter storm watches or warnings, winter weather advisories, wind chill advisories and warnings, or snow squall warnings.

To view the previous awareness topics for the entire week, visit the National Weather Service’s winter weather awareness page.

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