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Corrections officer pilot program is going to eliminate the written exam

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Prisons and jails are experiencing staffing shortages when it comes to corrections officers. This has caused changes when it comes to recruiting new potential employees.

The Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office has volunteered to take part in the new Corrections Officer Training and Experience Pilot program. Part of the issue with trying to recruit new corrections officers is how long it takes for them to request an exam. After that it takes even longer to receive the test scores and then be offered a position.

Through the program, the training and evaluation exam will replace the written exam that usually happens. There will be no written exam at the end but the questionnaires will still be sent out, according to WENY News.

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Anyone who participates and meets the minimum requirements can expect a questionnaire. This will be available between Dec. 15, 2022 and Jan. 15, 2023. If the candidate has an approved application and they complete their online rating, they’ll be given an automatic passing score of 70. There is an opportunity to be awarded additional points as well.

The questionnaire will be filled with questions surrounding education, work experience, volunteer experience, or other duties that relate to corrections work. These will be offered online.

When the submission period ends, the state will rate the submitted forms and give access to local governments within weeks.

If you want to apply, you should do it ASAP and not wait. The deadline is Nov. 29 and there are several openings in corrections and road patrol.

To apply for Tompkins County Corrections, visit this website.