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UPDATE: Police say report of person with a knife prompted lockout at three Geneva schools

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Police say one person was transported to a local medical facility after an incident resulted in lockouts at three Geneva schools.

Around 9:25 a.m. police responded to a residence on Cherry Street for a suicidal person.

Through investigation it was learned that the person left the residence with a knife.

Police said in a release that “Out of an abundance of caution, the Geneva City School District was notified of the incident and place on a lockout.”

The person was later located and transported to a local medical facility for evaluation.

Original: Three schools in Geneva placed into lockout protocol

Three Geneva City Schools are in lockout this afternoon, which means there is a potential threat in the community, according to district representative Heather Swanson. It’s not a lockdown, which would occur if something threatening were happening on school grounds, Swanson said Thursday afternoon.

“We were advised by local law enforcement that we needed to put our Carter Road buildings and North Street school into lockout because of a threat in the area,” Swanson said.

As of 2:20 p.m., three schools, Geneva High School, Geneva Middle School, and the North Street School, were still operating under lockout procedures. But Swanson said the high school and middle schools, both located on Carter Road, were able to send students home who take the bus and are picked up, at the normal dismissal time. Students who walk, however, could not leave yet.

“During a lockout, classroom activity still continues as usual,” Swanson added. “This happens just when there is something in the community that would be unsafe for our students or staff to be in contact with the outside of the building.” reached out to the Geneva Police Department to find out more about why these actions were taken, but has not heard back yet.