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Renters can’t afford their rent, resulting in them being homeless

With the housing market in shambles and rent increases happening everywhere, people are becoming homeless.

renters can't afford their rent

According to 13 WHAM, one woman named Sylvia Ruiz has been looking for a rental they can afford in Providence, Rhode Island, for quite some time.

After searching every day, they come up empty.

Ruiz and her children lived in the same multi-family house for ten years, but her landlord told them he was selling the property.

This led her to becoming homeless with her four children.

Ruiz was forced to send her children to live with relatives while she lives out of her car and searches for a home every day.

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What does this mean for renters?

John DeLuca, executive director of the DaVinci Center in Providence, said that a number of families with children are becoming homeless.

Ruiz isn’t alone in this struggle.

DeLuca said the agency helps them with hunting for residences. They do find places for them, but they end up being far too expensive.

What seems to be happening is landlords are selling their homes they rent out and the new owners are increasing the rent to rates renters cannot afford.

The median price for a multi-family home has risen from $104,000 in 2012 to $455,000 in 2022.

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