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Drunk Driving: School bus driver charged for driving intoxicated during field trip

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A bus driver taking elementary school children to a field trip in northern Virginia has been charged with drunk driving.

drunk driving school bus driver crashed in virginia after a field trip

The bus driver worked for an elementary school and veered into a ditch on the way back from a field trip to a farm.

There were nine children at the scene who needed to be treated for injuries.

Bus driver charged with drunk driving returning from field trip

According to My Twin Tiers, there were 44 kids and 4 adults on the bus.

The accident happened when the teachers and students from Murch Elementary School were on their way back from a trip to Cox Farms in Centreville, Virginia.

The school is located in Washington, D.C.

The bus driver hit a rock before veering into the ditch in the country.

The driver’s name hasn’t been revealed, but he is a 48-year-old man from Suitland, Maryland.

He was charged with driving drunk after failing a field sobriety test. His blood alcohol content was .20, more than double the legal limit.

His driver’s license had already been revoked in the state of Virginia from a previous drunk driving charge.

There were two buses bringing kids and adults to and from the field trip. In all, both buses violated 18 safety requirements. Nobody operating the buses were licensed to do so.

A statement was released by D.C. Public Schools sharing that it would review their transportation vendors for field trips and other activities.

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