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UBI payment program in Coachella, California

A new UBI payment program is being started in Coachella, California that will help 140 low income families.

UBI payment program in coachella california

The Coachella Immigrant Families Recovery Program will work with the Mission Asset Fund, or MAF, to help almost 150 low income families.

The money does not need to be paid back and is being gifted to those in need of cash assistance.

UBI payment program to help low income families in Coachella, California

According to The Sun, those participating can choose to have the $400 UBI payments deposited into their checking account.

They can also have them loaded onto a prepaid card that will be sent through the mail.

Applications are open until Nov. 11, 2022 and the payments will start going out in January of 2023.

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There are some eligibility requirements to participate in the UBI payment program

You’ll need to provide documentation to prove that you meet the eligibility requirements.

This includes proof of your residency in Coachella, California, your age being 18 or older, and having a current, not expired, government issued ID.

You need to have at least one child under the age of 12 that lived with you in 2021.

Income cannot exceed $75,000 in 2021. Your total household income cannot have exceeded $150,000 in 2021.

You need to have filed a 2019 or 2020 tax return or given the IRS information as a non-filer in 2020 or 2021.

Proof documentation includes anything that can prove your address, a valid ID, or some other government issued ID.

Tax returns, birth certificates, school ID’s and other official records can be used for your child.

Only one person per household should apply.

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